Potter, David Campiche took to ceramics for the love of clay, form, fire and color. Simply put, it was for the love of art. He majored in Fine Art at Lewis & Clark College after graduating from Ilwaco High School. During David’s junior year at college, he had an opportunity to study in New York City. It was there that he met Toshiko Takaezu, the Japanese American potter and sculptor, whose inspiring example never left him. David has had his hands in the clay ever since then and his craft has evolved as he has explored the realm of form by throwing pots or hand-building sculpture. The art and science of firing and glazing is an integral part of the finished form. Along the way, David has sought a deeper meaning in the clay form and process. He likes to call it “the zen of clay.”For many years now, David has been a part of a larger community of potters who gather around the Astoria Dragon Kiln, a traditional Japanese wood-fired kiln. His friend and mentor, Richard Roland has inspired and challenged this group of potters and David among them. The craft of pottery extends back over 10,000 years to the first civilizations. Hence, the name we chose for his ceramic endeavors, “Pottery Survives.”

David’s pottery can be purchased directly from him or at the Marie Powell Gallery in Ilwaco, BOLD Gallery in Long Beach or the RiverSea Gallery in Astoria. David’s studio is at his home in Seaview, Washington. He welcomes visitors, by appointment. (360) 244 1699.